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2010-10-23, 05:48
Hi all,

As you probably all know, inside squeezebox touch there is a squeezecenter server that can read your music from usb drive.

Is there a way to have this server connect to a network drive?

It shouldn't be too difficult: I can already "mount -t nfs -o nolock ip:/folder" to mount my nfs drive on squeeze touch.
Now I think I'm only missing where the squeeze touch server has his config files in order to tell it not to scan /dev/sda but another folder.

Any help welcome!

2010-10-23, 05:56
Welcome to the forums. The forum's search feature can be a big help. I searched on "touch nas" (without quotes) and turned up several threads. The most useful one is probably http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=77604

Note that for decent performance you will almost certainly want to store SBS's database on a USB stick or SD card, and not on the NAS.

2010-10-24, 06:37
Fantastic! Many thanks!
I'm continuing the discussion on the above thread.