View Full Version : Mechanism to make the controller beep

2010-10-23, 01:13
Is there any way to cause the controller to emit a sound (a BEEP) from something like the server webpage?

So far, I've not lost the controller, but it's only a matter of time.

2010-10-24, 22:03
As long as the Controller is online (not out of juice or sleeping, etc.) and the Audio playback function is enabled you can play any sound from your library through it just like any other player. It won't be very loud though.


2010-10-25, 05:12
Excellent idea! I tried it out with "The Butcher" by "Picket Fence Cartel". Plenty loud enough to dislodge my sleeping dog from the sofa in the living room.

So, thanks from me, and a "you rotter" from my dog. :-)

2010-10-25, 05:14
P.S. For your second trick, can you do something similar with my Logitech Harmony 900 remote control?

2010-10-25, 06:00
One of these http://www.amazon.com/Whistle-Key-Finder/dp/B000ACK080 and a dab of crazy glue.
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