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2010-10-21, 09:09
I've been investigating buying a Tripath-based system and just had a chat with a helpful chap at Item Audio (UK). He admitted unfamiliarity with the SB products but suggested that as the Touch and SB3 have a volume control they could be used as preamps and that, in principle this should give a good result.

This had never occurred to me. Is it something people here do? Presume to try it out I should set the volume on the SB3 to zero and work up from there?

Views and experiences?


2010-10-21, 09:15

You'll see some discussion of the pros and cons and some useful links in this (old) thread.

Personally I don't use my SBs this way (but do have a receiver going direct to powered speakers which works really well.)

2010-10-21, 10:05
Yes, Volume on Zero/Off.

Its not really a pre-amp function because its only for the Touch/SB3 and no other devices. But the Touch or SB3 will drive an amp or powered speakers because it has variable line level out on the Analog RCAs.

I just put a small system together for one of my son's friends that is a Touch, Adcom GFA-555SE, and a pair of Vandersteen Model 2CE Signature II Speakers. The Touch is the volume control and drives the 555SE perfectly.

If this is going to be a premanant setup and you can only stand the volume so high, it will be in your amp and speakers best interest to use either fixed or variable attenuators.

2010-10-21, 13:06
Thank you both for these replies and the link. As I write the SB3 is feeding my Arcam power amp directly, and it sounds good. (But Caiman DAC as preamp is way better!)

Thanks again.