View Full Version : Problem: Skipping Effect Heard During Flac Playback

2010-10-20, 16:25
I was listening to some flac files I downloaded the other day from the 11 disc reissue of John Lennon's CDs.

During the Imagine CD, I thought I detected a skipping sound, identical to a CD which is skipping slightly but continuing to play.

I thought that whoever had ripped the CDs had had a faulty CD player.

Well just now, I was playing the reissue of David Bowie's Station To Station CD (now a multidisc set) and I heard the same glitch.

I then played the flac file that I heard "skipping" via Foobar2000 and as suspected, the skipping effect was NOT present.

I noticed that I had the Boom that I was listening to synchronized to my living room Touch. When I turned off the Touch, I no longer noticed the skipping.

Can synchronization result in this type of problem?

My system is pretty well outlined in my signature.



2010-10-20, 19:04
Well, it obviously shouldn't happen, but when the two players for some reason play at slightly different speeds skipping may occur when they are re-synced. I've had this happen A LOT when using the Controller in sync. The Controller plays so much slower, it is heard as a difference in the pitch. (At least this was the case some time ago. Hopefully it is better now, I haven't tried lately.)

You can try decoding FLAC->PCM server-side, and fiddling around with the setting Minimum Synchronization Adjustment found in SBS WebUI --> Settings -> Player -> Synchronize to make it less noticeable. You could also try turning off "Maintain synchronization while playing".

Does it matter which way the players are synced, just a thought..?

Are others who mix the old and the new generation of players experiencing this? I never thought about it in these terms before, as I mostly only use the Receiver & Boom in sync, Radio only occasionally.


2010-10-21, 16:50
Hi Jimzak

I'm running SB server 7.5.1 on an Atom with external HDD, XP SP3 also. The network is wired through Homeplug. I've an SB3 and a Boom, and recently noted the same problem as yourself. I'm sure its a synchronization problem but interestingly both players skip at times trying to re-sync, rather than just one trying to catch up, as it were. I tried getting rid of various plugins but it made no difference. The problem seems to have been solved by setting the SB3 to maintain synchronization while playing, but setting the Boom NOT to maintain sync while playing. For whatever reason, its worked for me.