View Full Version : What is this noise (?) around 22KHz??

2010-10-18, 00:48

This is spectrum of one of the blu-ray 96/24 stereo tracks..

2010-10-18, 11:09
difficult one :)

This is out of curiosity, there are few sound engineers here on forum so I thought they might shed some light..

Is it actually faulty mastering?
Which part of the process is responsible for this noise in the middle of spectrum? Why on 22KHz? DSD has noise rising on above 30KHz..

2010-10-18, 16:21
It's suspiciously close to the Nyquist frequency for redbook (which is 44,100/2=22,050Hz).

2010-10-18, 21:33
Yes, but it is not upsampled content

Phil Leigh
2010-10-18, 22:36
Yes, but it is not upsampled content

How can you be sure? - looks like it is to me...

2010-10-18, 23:36
- With upsampled content you do not see signals above Nyquist frequency, do you?
- This is 96/24 PCM stereo mix of this disc: http://www.aixrecords.com/catalog/goldberg_bd.html

2010-10-18, 23:42
At least with upsampling as I know it..
Maybe it is some reconstruction mechanism? Then why?