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Michael Haan
2004-09-01, 20:27
Nope, no drop-outs for the most.  Last drop-outs were a month ago when I was having a dinner party.  Running two squeeze's streaming unlimited FLAC.  But it went away as soon as my (presumably poorly shielded) microwave quieted down.  I run a SuSE 9.1 Pro on a p3 733 with 384 MB and 250 GB s/w mirrored storage (Oone SATA, one USB 2.0) - not an impressive box to be sure.  I also run with an 802.11G accesss point and an 802.11G repeater providing roughly 70-75% signal to both boxes.  Again, nothing over the top.  But no drop outs.

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> > While I too would love to see client-side FLAC decompression,

> > 802.11G, or both I have two wireless squeeze G's and rarely

> > (though occasionally) experience drop-outs.  Maybe you've got

> > too much wireless gear?  Or maybe you need to get another

> > access point and segregate devices by channels.  Just thoughts.



>You have no dropouts with FLAC?  The MP3 or bitrate limited (320) works--I'd



>I've tried it with my other wireless stuff turned off.  More ideas very








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