View Full Version : 16-bit to 24-bit playback chain

2010-10-16, 11:15
I have a SqueezeBox Touch connected via SPDIF to a PS Audio DL 3 DAC which is believe is 24 bit natively. With 24/96 material I believe the Touch sends the data unmodified. What happens with 16/44.1? I am guessing the Touch sends out data unmodified (to be compatible with 16bit DACs?); the DAC pads each 16bit value with 8 0-bits on the right, correct? If not, the 16-bit material will be 48dB lower than 24-bit material, correct? Is my understanding correct?

2010-10-16, 11:50

16 bit get padded with 8 bits 24 bits so the level will be the same.

However the spdif standard is such that devices (DAC's) that can not handle 24bit will just discard the 8 extra bits (if a 16 bit DAC) thus the end result will be the same

2010-10-16, 14:30
to clarify it's getting padded from the bottom