View Full Version : Modifying existing Skins

2010-10-16, 10:21
Hi all,

Been a user of Squeezebox server for a while and have been happy with the default skins that are supplied with the device.

Currently we are trying to build a jukebox with a touchscreen and as part of this we want to modify the Touch skin to go with the look of the jukebox as well as removing some features that the general users shouldnt be accessing.

I have copied the skin and started to make some changes to it however I am finding it difficult to get my head around the template engine and customising the status page to include the details that I want it to have.

Currently I am trying to design a mock layout for the page and when I add the [% INCLUDE cover_art_display %] tag into my custom page I am getting nothing but a generic grey logo.

The custom page is included on the status.html page and I thought this would allow me to make full use of the other includes on the page but it doesnt seem to work.

Can someone advise if I am missing something obvious?