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Michael Haan
2004-09-01, 19:55
While I too would love to see client-side FLAC decompression, 802.11G, or both I have two wireless squeeze G's and rarely (though occasionally) experience drop-outs.  Maybe you've got too much wireless gear?  Or maybe you need to get another access point and segregate devices by channels.  Just thoughts.

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> >

> > I have a couple issues:

> >

> > --when playing back apple lossless, does it get compressed

> > first if I have

> > set the "bitrate limiting"?  Seems to dropout the same as my

> > FLACs with no

> > limit (see below).

> >

> > --what settings can I tune in order to make FLACs arrive at

> > the SB without

> > compression.  That is, I want to use "no limit" but I keep

> > getting drop

> > outs.  The SB is wireless but within 30' of the wireless

> > access point.  I'm

> > getting signal strength around 80%.

> >


>Though I started this thread, I've come to the conclusion that I can't do

>FLAC uncompressed on my wireless network.  Not the end of the world--I'll

>just get a long ethernet cable... I hope that works the same as my tests

>with a shorter cable.


>Anyway, I think part of the issue was my own misunderstanding.  Namely, I

>figured if my FLAC was 900Kbps that the network has to be able to handle

>that bandwidth.  In fact, because the decompression happens on the server,

>the network has to handle the full 1440Kbps (or whatever a CD is).  So...

>yeah, I'd like to see decompression happen on the client side.


>Do people have trouble with drop outs over a standard 100Mbps network?

>Right now I have two wireless SBs; one wireless laptop on most of the time;

>a second wireless laptop sometimes; and the server machine wired to a router

>and cable modem.


>I can hear the difference between 320Kbps on-the-fly MP3 vs. true FLAC.  Is

>it realistic to have FLAC without dropouts?






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