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2010-10-14, 16:19
I don't have consistant results creating playlists from the squeezebox server software on the PC. Is there a FAQ on the best way to create playlists? Suggestions are always welcome as well.

2010-10-14, 22:51
I don't know if there is a FAQ about this. It is quite straightforward, really. Tell us about your setup and what difficulties or inconsistencies you are facing, and the odds are someone will be able to help you out.


2010-10-15, 00:00
I don't have consistant results creating playlists from the squeezebox server software on the PC. Is there a FAQ on the best way to create playlists? Suggestions are always welcome as well.

You don't have consistent results? What does that mean? They don't play, they're difficult to create, you don't like the playlists created?

You can create a playlist using most any audio playback software that lets you create an m3u type playlist. In its most basic form an m3u playlist is just a text file with a list of file names. For example:

E:\Flac\_Various Artists\Gypsy Fire\03 Jesse Cook - Cascada.flac
E:\Flac\_Various Artists\Gypsy Fire\10 Chuscales - Encuentros Del Alma.flac
E:\Flac\Ray LaMontagne\Gossip in the Grain\03 Sarah.flac
E:\Flac\Ry Cooder\Get Rhythm\07 I Can Tell By The Way You Smell.flac
E:\Flac\Emmylou Harris\Luxury Liner\02 Pancho & Lefty.flac
E:\Flac\Kenny Burrell\All Night Long\06 Tune Up.flac

Most playlists created by software will use the extended form of m3u.

#EXTINF:189,Tommy Dorsey - Autumn In New York
O:\Flac\_Various Artists\Big Band Fever\Disc 3\01 Tommy Dorsey - Autumn In New York.flac
#EXTINF:123,Merle Haggard - Silverthorn Mountain
O:\Flac\Merle Haggard\A Friend in California\08 Silverthorn Mountain.flac
#EXTINF:261,Marty Robbins - El Paso
O:\Flac\Marty Robbins\Gunfigher Ballads and Trail Songs\10 El Paso.flac
#EXTINF:244,Roy Buchanan - If Six Was Nine
O:\Flac\Roy Buchanan\A Street Called Straight\08 If Six Was Nine.flac
#EXTINF:204,Rodney Crowell - Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight
O:\Flac\Rodney Crowell\The Rodney Crowell Collection\10 Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight.flac
#EXTINF:232,Robert Cray - Little Birds
O:\Flac\Robert Cray\Sweet Potato Pie\05 Little Birds.flac

Either one will work in Squeezebox Server. The EXTINF (extra info) lines just give the length of the track in seconds, then the TITLE or ARTIST - TITLE.

To create a playlist using software on another computer on your network, first share the music library on the server. I have a Windows sever and share the entire music library drive. Then you can use UNC paths from the PC, but a mapped drive letter is easier. When you create a playlist on any other computer other than your Squeezebox Server the only thing you need to watch out for is that the path to the files will probably be different. I created the playlist in the second example above in Winamp on PC where the music library share is mapped to O:. On the server itself the drive is E:, so to use the playlist with Squeezebox Server I just do a quick edit and change O: to E: and copy it to the server's playlists folder. Even easier, if you can do it, would to map the same drive letter on the PC as is used on the server, then no editing is necessary.

2010-10-15, 14:37
I copied quite a few flac & wav files (all files 96k/24bit) to a folder that I put into the directory that I configured in my squeezebox server software as the container for all folders and directories containing my music and playlist's.

Several of the directory's I had put the flac and wav files into would show only approximately 50 songs out of 150 to 500 songs (depending on the directory). I think there is some option I must be not setting.

I have other folders that list over 1000 songs (flac & wav all 96K/24bit)with no problem.

I use a wired ethernet connection and only have one PC that contains all my music on an external 1.3TB USB WD drive connected to the computer. I do not use wireless anywhere in the house (I don't want to where an aluminum helmet all the time). I am running windows 7 with 4 Gig and tons of free HD space. I don't have any iTunes or iAnything on my system.

I have the Squeezebox Touch connected to my Audio system through a Digital cable into my Musical Fidelity M1DAC. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the sound. I would just like to be better at creating playlists. Windows Media Player doesn't seem to work for flac nor wav files

Player Model: Squeezebox Touch
Firmware: 7.5.1-r9009
Squeezebox Server Status
Version: 7.5.1 - r30836 @ Tue Jun 1 06:02:45 PDT 2010