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Christopher May
2004-09-01, 17:16
I have a Mac G4 (766 MHZ and 1.25 Gig RAM) and I put it to the test the
other day....

I was running a batch command in Photoshop (opening, cropping, rotating,
color adjust, unsharp, save as, and close) on close to 100 images. I was
streaming to my SlimP3 (that's a wired device) at the same time and I
had no issues. Everything went smoothly, no pauses in the music, no lost

I don't know what the cpu usage is on the Mac. I've never noticed a
performance issue with slimserver running, so I've never looked.


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I'm looking for input on server hardware. My SlimServer is currently
running under Windows XP Pro, with about 14,000 songs. It's a P4 1.8 GH,
with 512 MB RAM, but I still get drop-outs when I search or do something
similarly intensive on the web interface. Slim also uses so much memory
on that machine that it's torture to use it for anything else. And, I
just find Slim to be pretty unstable on this platform (no offense). So,
I'm looking to get it off there.

One would be to buy or build a cheap Linux box like the one somebody
recently posted about. If I go that route, what minimum specs should I
be looking at? I've set up (and eventually abandoned) a Linux web/mail
server in the past, so I think I should be able to handle the basics,
but if the installation is tricky, I'd be interested in a heads-up or
pointers on that as well.

Another alternative would be one of the new iMac G5's, which I'll admit
I'm looking for an excuse to buy. Does Slim run appreciably better/more
well behaved under OS X than it does under XP, or would I just be
trading one problem for another (at an increased price above the cost of
the Linux box)?