View Full Version : BBC Radio on Windows XP

Martin Couchman
2004-09-01, 14:13
I have a plugin that I can use to listen to BBC radio on my squeezebox with
Win XP.

It uses Winamp, the Tara plugin, and Shoutcast to get the sound into
slimserver, as previously discussed on this list (c. Jan 24th, from memory).

My plugin executes two command line programs to operate Winamp: 'wacommand',
which allows you to stop what winamp's playing previously, and 'playnow'
which allows you
to play from a URL (ie, a BBC stream).

So, to listen, you start Winamp and shoutcast (can be done by the plugin if
needed, I think). Select the slimserver playlist that listens to the
shoutcast stream, and then use the plugin to select the statio to listen to.
It works... and you can use it for 'listen again' programs, once you know
the URL... I just need a plugin to get the urls off the web.

I'd post the plugin for you, but a)I'm off on holiday and don't have time
and b) it's embarassingly badly programmed (alpha rather than beta, if that)
and sometimes things hang and crash for no clear reason! If anyone wants to
see it I can send it when I get back.

Hmmm. Interesting. Looks like they're basically driving Winamp as a
transcoder. Interestingly, though, Spinamp says that it 'no longer uses Real
Audio', which might mean that only older versions can crack the RA codecs.

Equally... I can't see any way that it'd accomodate multiple streams on
multiple players, which if you ask me is half the point of a set of SB's ;)

However... it's only short of a method of automating the choosing of a
stream from being a viable plan. Oh... and a method to kill it when you stop
listening to a stream, or it'll hang on forever.

If I get a little time... I'll see if I can look at it as an alternative way
to supply audio for AlienBBC.