View Full Version : Slim server by name rather than IP address

Peter Wilson
2004-09-01, 11:27

I'm trying to set my squeezebox to connect to a slimserver out there on
the net, the server is behind a DSL modem/Router that gets dynamic IP
addresses, so the IP I would specify in the squeezebox config process is
possibly going to change every time a new DHCP lease is given to the DSL
modem - a pain to reconfig and from the remote machine I'll not know the
IP address to change to...

Now... I have used the services of DynDNS.org to have my DSL modem
update a DNS record (say mymachine.homeip.org) with the correct IP
address automatically whenever the IP address changes...

So what I want to know is... how do I make the squeezebox look for a
server named mymachine.homeip.com(which will always be correct) instead
of an IP address (which is possibly going to be wrong)...

Have I missed something or is this not possible right now...