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Tore Johnsson
2004-09-01, 08:22
As you can see I have in Slimserver but is confused why I get this message.
Does´nt Slimserver see Lame or is a fault in SLimserver.
I think I have put in right path.
Looking forward to comments
Kind Regards

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Just stick in anywhere in your PATH.
Mine is in Windows.
"Tore Johnsson" <tore (AT) torejohnsson (DOT) se> wrote in
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Ref FAQ in Slimserver "Where do I put the lame, oggtools or other
transcoding programs? Under Windows, they should be placed in the C:\Program
I have put Lame in D:\Program\SlimServer\server\Bin\Lame\lame-3.96.1 and
still I get the information from http://localhost:9000/Default/ (Note: You
do not appear to have LAME installed. SlimServer will need the LAME MP3
encoder installed on your system to do conversion to MP3. You can find out
more about LAME here.)
So Have I done wrong or what should I do?
Kind Regards