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Phillip Kerman
2004-09-01, 06:48
> Phillip:
> I'd like to understand the issues you guys are talking about.
> Can you
> be more specific about how the old display is more legible
> than the new
> one?

I guess I'll have to put them side by side because now they're in different
rooms. Anyway, the animation (left/right) seems snappier in the old
display. The slow animation (to reveal longer song names) is just as jumpy
in both. I would think the new one should be much smoother if it can really
do 100 fps. Also, I think at extreme distances, the old display may be
easier to read. The current font face for the largest font is too blocky.
At a distance with my eyes it gets very blurry. I could recommend a few
other font faces--but generally, it's too bold right now.

Don't get me wrong--I like the new display. I just think you're not
reaching the potential for legibility.

Oh, and to answer the question you directed to Daryl... I'd say no question:
the scroll to move one-pixel at a time... but more frequently so the
resulting animation looks just as fast/slow. It will just be smoother.
See: http://www.phillipkerman.com/slim/scroll.html


> Daryl:
> Are you suggesting that the scrolling animation frames move fewer
> pixels at a time? That's certainly possible...

> On Aug 31, 2004, at 9:24 PM, Phillip Kerman wrote:
> >> I think I notice that the animation is still the old,
> small character
> >> resolution, based style on the SqueezeboxG. Assuming this
> is true, it
> >> does seem that this makes the larger fonts, I believe because of
> >> their greater fill factor, more blurred when scrolling (as compared
> >> to the smaller fonts or the large line fonts on the original
> >> Squeezebox). Now assuming I am correct and that others
> are noticing
> >> it as well; how hard would it be to move to a pixel column
> resolution
> >> for scrolling movement? This might greatly enhance the
> legibility of
> >> large scrolling on the SqueezeboxG. OTOH there might be
> too large a
> >> hit on responsiveness or backwards compatibility issues.
> >>
> >> --
> >
> > I don't know the technical answers but I can vouch for the fact the
> > current
> > state of the new fonts and animations has lots of room for
> > improvement. I
> > have one each (SB and SBG) and in many ways the old display is
> > clearer/more
> > legible. I think it's a fair assumption these issues will be
> > addressed.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Phillip
> >
> >