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Craig, James (IT)
2004-09-01, 01:52
Hi Tore,
From the output you've sent I'm guessing that you are running SlimServer as a Windows service?

For some reason Windows services can't talk to other applications using OLE so my plugin will not work in this way.
The time taken for it to find out it can't talk to iTunes is causing the Squeezebox to lose the connection it seems?

If you want to use the plugin you need to either not run SlimServer as a service (just put slim.exe in your startup folder) or use the new 'indirect' update method in the new version I released last week.
This is all explained in the readme file that comes with the plugin.


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I have removed all of ITunes from the computer and I got the old behavior
back without SB starts and stops.

I don't know what's the reason for having it.
Perhaps those people who are using it, could tell me.

So my problem is solved.

Thanks for all help
Kind Regards

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Quoting Tore Johnsson <tore (AT) torejohnsson (DOT) se>:

> 2004-08-31 20:08:08.1275 ==logTrackToiTunesWin()
> 2004-08-31 20:08:08.1280 Attempting to make connection to iTunes...
> 2004-08-31 20:08:39.4018 Failed to launch iTunes through OLE!!!

I'm guessing this is output from the iTunes Updater plugin. That's a long
to be trying before failing. If this is somehow blocking any playback
it would cause a dropout eventually. This output with d_slimproto on as well
would likely confirm this, though it would be a lot of debug output to sift
through. The best thing would be to try to figure out why it cannot connect
iTunes OLE interface.