View Full Version : Password problems - From a newbie

2010-10-05, 02:38
I've just bought a Touch but I have not connected it to my broadband yet due to password trouble/ misunderstandings(?)

The touch discovers my network connection but it is asking for a password (WEP 64-bits encryption - 10 digit password) or (WEP 128-bits encryption - 26 digit password).

The password I have is unfortunately 13 digits (all numbers).
How can I fix this problem? Do I need the password for the router?

2010-10-05, 04:38
My guess is that your password is in ASCII format and the Touch asks for it in Hexadecimal format. Luckily, you don't need to be bothered with the details.

1. Just go to www.mikezilla.com/exp0012.html

2. Enter your key in the "ASCII Text" field and click. The HEX value appears in the below field.

3. Enter this into your Touch, ignoring the "percent" % signs, as a 26 digit key.


2010-10-07, 00:24
Thanks for helping me out!
This tip worked.