View Full Version : What song was playing at 12:30??

2010-10-05, 01:00
Is there a way to deduce what track was playing at a certain time? As shown by the better FM stations on their websites?

I was playing music randomly yesterday, and a short track at 12:30 caught my attention. It was over before I'd noted what it was.

In the end, I sorted the "Last access" dates on all the MP3 files in my library, and there it was, but there's a lot of other stuff out there that's touching these files, because there were a bunch of references to a Stephen King audio book around the same time, and that wasn't me, and I doubt it was the squeezebox server.

The squeezebox server presumably knows exactly which tracks it had been asked for.

2010-10-05, 05:50
Please see the response in the other thread, where you first raised this question: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=580866