View Full Version : More intelligent suffle play?

2010-10-04, 18:25
Is there a way to get more advanced shuffle play on the SB?

What I am thinking about is the following:

* I have a large collection of CDs ripped to HD
* There are songs I really like, songs that I am ok with, and songs I don't mind hearing once in a blue moon.
* The standard shuffle/random play do not take this rating into consideration, treats all songs with equal probability.

What I would like is a shuffle mode that takes into consideration my rating of a song. For example, even though only 10% of my songs are 5-star rated, I would like to hear those songs with more than 10% probability. Say 40%. Even though 1-star songs may be 50% by volume, I only want to hear those 10% of the time... I could create different shuffle mode with different profiles and threshold for the percentages....

Do such things exist? It would make playback one's music collection more enjoyable.

2010-10-04, 20:24
See Erland's plugins for Squeezebox Server, especially TrackStat, SQLPlaylist, and Dynamic Playlist. They do all of that. And more. Note that these are enhancements to the basic Random Mix, not shuffle mode per se.

2010-10-05, 17:17
Ah, thanks!

Does TrackStat works with the Touch? I couldn't figure out how to tag a song as 5, supposedly just hold the '5' on the remote down, but it doesn't seem to work. It wasn't until I tried this on my SB Classic did I see how it's supposed to work, a pop up on the SB saying it's 5 star rated..