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2010-10-04, 11:46
Hi there,

I have a sb classic and also a radio one is in the kitchen and the other in the lounge.
I've decided I want music in the bathroom too, and plan to put in two in-ceiling speakers.
I'm unsure what to do though, my first thought was to have the speaker cable going all the way to the lounge amplifier and then using Squeezebox Commander on my Android phone to control it.
However, would that mean that everytime I turn it on, I'm also going to have to have it on in the Lounge?
My other thought was to buy a receiver and have that in the loft with an old amplifier. Would that work or would I need a controller too?

Help appreciated. :)

2010-10-04, 12:20
Having a Controller makes it easier to set up a Receiver, but you could also use the third party Net::UDAP (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=57861) software in lieu of a Controller.