View Full Version : Music frequently pauses and eventually stops

2010-10-04, 06:56
My audio source configuration consists of 6 of the original wired SLIMP3 units, one of which is at Firmware revision 2.2 and the rest are at 2.3. The units are connected through an 8 port Ethernet switch to a dedicated Dell PC running Windows XP SP2. The remaining port on the switch connects to the rest of the home network. The system is running Squeezebox Server v7.5.1. There is no anti-virus software running.

My problem is that on each of the units, the music will pause anywhere from a second or two up to tens of seconds. Eventually the music will stop all together. For example, I rebooted the PC around noon this past Friday and started everything up to where it was working okay. Using the task manager I monitored system loading and networking performance while a pause occurred. As would be expected, loading is low - mostly System Idle Process with the server taking anywhere from 5% - 25%. Network loading is also low - typically less than 5%. By Saturday morning four of the six units had stopped working. Checking the units using the browser interface usually shows the time counter for the song being played repeating a short section over and over again, although I have also seen cases where the browser shows the unit appearing to be fine although no music is coming from the SLIMP3. Sometime Sunday the fifth SLIMP3 stopped so this morning only one of the six remained working. The only way I can seem to restart a unit that has stopped is to power cycle it using the power button in the browser window. Looking at the server.log file, all I see is 999 lines that all say the same thing (with the exception of the timestamp):

[10-10-04 07:31:52.9194] Slim::Utils::Misc::msg (1165) Warning: [07:31:52.9184] Use of uninitialized value in division (/) at /<C:\PROGRA~1\SQUEEZ~2\server\SQUEEZ~3.EXE>Slim/Player/StreamingController.pm line 867.

I have tried to track down StreamingController.pm but don't find it anywhere. In fact, the only mention of it I can find is a comment in Plugin.pm that says:

# bug 10612 - tell StreamingController so that play can restart

Thus, I can't tell if the above warning message in server.log is related to my problem or if it's something else entirely.

Although this problem is now worse than it has ever been, I have had this problem for years - across several PCs, different Ethernet switches, different revisions of firmware and different versions of server software. Unfortunately, it is now at a point that I consider the system basically unusable and I am out of ideas of what to try next. I really don't like the idea of junking what I have and trying to start over with something else for a number of reasons. Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be causing this or any tests I can run that would help narrow down the problem?