View Full Version : Anyone needs new Transporter ???

2010-10-03, 10:40
Up for your consideration.

I have recently acquired my second Transporter from here:


Now I have two units. Second one bought for "spare parts" :-)
Also now, my wife wants me to choose between her and the second Transporter. I chose my wife - Transporter is easier to sell ;-)

Unit is brand new old stock. It comes in original, slightly beat up from moving, "Slim Devices" box.
I opened it to verify the content and check working and cosmetic condition. Front logo says Transporter and after powering up display shows "Slim Devices", not "Logitech" - rare thing nowadays. Everything is as should be - brand new. To perform test, firmware was upgraded to latest ver 80.

I made an offer to the Ebay seller and got Transporter for $1300 shipped.
This is what I would like to get back. I'm in Orange County, California.

If anyone interested, PM me.

2010-10-06, 21:08
I guess it goes on Audiogon.

2010-10-09, 11:39
I guess it goes on Audiogon.

hi gizek,

send me an email @ yeang_chng at hotmail. can't seem to message you through the board.