View Full Version : Scrolling animation with SqueezeboxG.

Daryle A. Tilroe
2004-08-31, 21:21
I think I notice that the animation is still the old, small character
resolution, based style on the SqueezeboxG. Assuming this is true, it
does seem that this makes the larger fonts, I believe because of
their greater fill factor, more blurred when scrolling (as compared
to the smaller fonts or the large line fonts on the original
Squeezebox). Now assuming I am correct and that others are noticing
it as well; how hard would it be to move to a pixel column resolution
for scrolling movement? This might greatly enhance the legibility of
large scrolling on the SqueezeboxG. OTOH there might be too large a
hit on responsiveness or backwards compatibility issues.

Daryle A. Tilroe