View Full Version : Problem with graphical squeezebox

2004-08-31, 21:16
Yep, it's a known problem. I'm running the latest firmware and
the 8/28 nightly and I'm still having the problems. Although
I've been getting them a lot less lately.

I think bug 520 is related, although I've never opened a bug
officially for it. I think I was among the first to see it happen -
right after I installed the new display. It happens pretty much
when I'm browsing the music while another track is playing.


>>> mitcharf (AT) tmbg (DOT) org 08/31/04 8:59 PM >>>
A week or so ago I received my graphics upgrade in the mail. I moved to
the latest firmware, and then performed the surgery. It was a success,
and it appeared to work fine. However, if I pause a song, skip several
songs ahead, and then hit play, I sometimes run into a problem. The
screen will go blank except for a row of pixels along the bottom-left
corner. Some of these pixels may be flashing. The row of pixels will
display for a couple seconds, at which point the screen will go to the
"Slim Devices" logo as though it had just been powered on. It will
acquire an IP, look for my Slim Server, and then start up like normal.

This happens about 1/3 of the time when I hit play after skipping ahead
some number of songs.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it a known problem? Any fix in the