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Colin Burn-Murdoch
2004-08-31, 15:51
If you're in the UK, Richer Sounds used to (and I expect still do) offer a free interconnect 'audition' - you give them a deposit of around £100 and you get a case with loads of different cables in - try them all back and take them back to get your money back - then buy what you want.


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> P McDowell wrote:
> > How long should special cables be to sound best ?
> I don't know. You might as well ask what color they should be? Of what
> composition? I don't care if they are a mile long, radioactive green
> and composed of wood cinders, as long as used in my system, they sound
> great to my ears.
> Why don't you try auditioning different cables for yourself and let you
> ears guide you? Or if you choose to believe that this is a dead-end
> road, for fools only, why not let the fools continue their quest in peace?
> --rt