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2010-09-30, 14:48
Hi Pippin,

Thanks for Ipeng, it's the best piece of software i have in my iPhone and iPad.

I use the plugin TrackStat to make Dynamic Playlists, and would also like to use it to see stats about the current playing song.

Unfortunately, i can't manage to find a way to do so from iPeng.

I can do that from the SBS web ui (TS button in front of the current playing track in the playlist in the right).

It's also possible to do that from the Controler, but i don't have it, so I can't really tell.

Is there a way to do it with iPeng? Or would it be possible for you to see to integrate the functionnality?


2010-09-30, 15:18
What do you want to do?
Rating can be seen/changed on the NowPlaying overlay (tap big cover).
Browsing information can be done from the NowPlaying context menu (hold big cover).

2010-09-30, 15:39
Hi Pippin, thanks for your fast reply.

I'm looking for the TrackStat Play Count stat.

In the NowPlaying context menu, I can't find any stats.
Here is what i have, maybe i'm missing something :
(i'll try to translate because my iPeng is French :) )

- Remove from playlist
- Play next
- Playing
- Add to favorites
- Artist : artist-name
- Album : album_name
- Genre : genre
- Rating : ****
- Display cover
- More Info
- On Flickr
- Find an album
- Find a track
- Find an artist

And in "More Info" i have :
- File format
- Duration
- Rating
- Bitrate
- Sampling rate
- File size
- File location
- Last modification
- Tags version
- Display tags

Can't find the Play Count which i can find on SBS web UI

2010-09-30, 15:50
Sounds like TrackStat needs updating :)
That's the menu where plugins should add context information.

2010-09-30, 16:07
Ok, thanks for the info Pippin, i'll get in touch with the Trackstat dev.