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Jules Taplin
2004-08-31, 14:54
Hmmm. Interesting. Looks like they're basically driving Winamp as a transcoder. Interestingly, though, Spinamp says that it 'no longer uses Real Audio', which might mean that only older versions can crack the RA codecs.

Equally... I can't see any way that it'd accomodate multiple streams on multiple players, which if you ask me is half the point of a set of SB's ;)

However... it's only short of a method of automating the choosing of a stream from being a viable plan. Oh... and a method to kill it when you stop listening to a stream, or it'll hang on forever.

If I get a little time... I'll see if I can look at it as an alternative way to supply audio for AlienBBC.

-- Jules

>Have a look at:



"Beesley, S" <sbeesley (AT) dsl (DOT) pipex.com> wrote in
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Thanks. Is there any other way to receive BBC on my SB?

> Hiya!
> Sorry... You won't get AlienBBC to work on Windoze at the moment. It
> relies on the Xine libraries - and they're pretty heavily broken on
> Win32 platforms at the moment.
> Theoretically... you can run a small linux system on a separate
> machine, and stream from there, although that's a slightly advanced
> version. And it's probably overkill.

More sensible would be running linux inside VMWare on his XP box, et
voila, a working xine.