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Tore Johnsson
2004-08-31, 14:38
I have removed all of ITunes from the computer and I got the old behavior
back without SB starts and stops.

I don't know what's the reason for having it.
Perhaps those people who are using it, could tell me.

So my problem is solved.

Thanks for all help
Kind Regards

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Ämne: SV: SV: [slim] Slimserver stops and starts by itself

Quoting Tore Johnsson <tore (AT) torejohnsson (DOT) se>:

> 2004-08-31 20:08:08.1275 ==logTrackToiTunesWin()
> 2004-08-31 20:08:08.1280 Attempting to make connection to iTunes...
> 2004-08-31 20:08:39.4018 Failed to launch iTunes through OLE!!!

I'm guessing this is output from the iTunes Updater plugin. That's a long
to be trying before failing. If this is somehow blocking any playback
it would cause a dropout eventually. This output with d_slimproto on as well
would likely confirm this, though it would be a lot of debug output to sift
through. The best thing would be to try to figure out why it cannot connect
iTunes OLE interface.