View Full Version : Cannot Access my Apps via Ipeng

2010-09-29, 19:12
After much trial and error I have been able to get the Ipeng app to control my Classic via my 1st gen. Itouch. I can access all the music on my server and I can access radio stations and favorites. The only wrinkle I haven't been able to figure out is this. When I try to access My Apps (ie. Pandora and Slacker) I get a message that says--"this player is already registered to another user. If it was purchased from someone, ask them to delete the player from their acount and try again." Secondly, when I try to access Pandora, I will get a message that says, "Pandora is already installed." The funny thing is, if I uninstall it, then reinstall it (takes about 5 seconds) I can now access Pandora or Slacker via this method. Obviously I am doing something wrong. Initially, my wife set up my account and then I recently set up my own account with my sqeezebox.com Is there a conflict here. Thanks in Advance, Jeff

2010-09-29, 23:40
Yes. I believe what happens is that your Classic is registered to your wife's account on MySqueezebox.com and now you are trying to run it on a different one. Since MySqueezebox.com is what manages your apps this will not work.
You have two things you can do:
1. Use your wife's account. To do this you have to configure this in your server's web interface (Settings->MySqueezebox.com)
2. Change the account. To do this you need to go to the MySqueezebox.com web site, log in with your wife's account and delete the Squeezebox under "Players" and then re-register it for your own account. The server might do that last step for you, not sure.