View Full Version : brand new transporter display defect ?

2010-09-29, 01:10

just got home after beeing away for a week and switched on my transporter..... only the right display is showing. The left one stays dark.

Did I mess up something in the settings or do I have a defect ?

I changed some of the settings in the software for the display but no result :-(

anyone knows ?

Got the transporter last week.

2010-09-29, 06:19
One way to tell for certain would be to cold boot it (pull out the mains). On boot up, both screens are used to show the splash screen graphics and welcome messages.

2010-09-29, 11:09

I called with the supportdesk, they asked me to reset to factory settings, which I couldn't because the left screen doesn't work.

So they are going to contact me, but I think it's a defect.