View Full Version : Plugin Request: Year Limiter

Michael Sigalos
2004-08-31, 13:31
I have submitted an enhancement request for this feature (Bug 526) in
Bugzille. Hope I did it correctly. Any interested parties please vote.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004, kdf wrote:

> downright painful to do it with the existing stuff :)
> Michael, you might also want to keep your eye on bugs.slimdevices.com.
> bugs 103, 112, and 240 are all related to YEAR tags.
> -kdf
> Quoting Sean Adams <sadams at slimdevices.com>:
>> Michael,
>> You need to talk to the database gurus over on our developer's list...
>> this is going to be very easy to add, once we have a relational
>> back-end going.
>> On Aug 31, 2004, at 10:14 AM, Michael Sigalos wrote:
>>> So I guess the idea of SlimServer natively supporting moods wasn't so
>>> popular. Nor was the idea of a "movie credit" screensaver. Oh well,
>>> can't blame a guy for trying.
>>> Down but not out, I try again...
>>> After thinking about it a bit I have stumbled upon an obscenely simple
>>> idea for a plugin (albeit probably unoriginal) that would provide
>>> most of the
>>> benefit of moods wihtout all of the setup/maintenance. Let's call it
>>> a YEAR LIMITER. The idea is this... the user sets a low year and a
>>> high year. When the plugin filter is turned on, any additions to the
>>> player playlist (using play or add) have to pass the year test. Any
>>> tracks outside the limiting range don't make it to the playlist. I
>>> could add multiple genres to the playlist but if I was in the mood
>>> for music from the late 1970's, I would only hear that. True, I
>>> might be able to do the same by creating jillions of genres, but that
>>> is so messy. This would be much cleaner and easier to use.
>>> Any support out there for this idea? Any Perl coders willing to
>>> volunteer? Come on now, I know some of you out there can probably
>>> do this while sleeping.