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James Dunn
2004-08-31, 12:05

I suggested something similar and put a feature request in - bug 240. I
think I probably prefer what you suggest though as mine doesn't allow
discrimination of genres etc without making it very long winded every time
one makes a selection..



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So I guess the idea of SlimServer natively supporting moods wasn't so
popular. Nor was the idea of a "movie credit" screensaver. Oh well, can't
blame a guy for trying.

Down but not out, I try again...

After thinking about it a bit I have stumbled upon an obscenely simple idea
for a plugin (albeit probably unoriginal) that would provide most of the
benefit of moods wihtout all of the setup/maintenance. Let's call it a
YEAR LIMITER. The idea is this... the user sets a low year and a high
year. When the plugin filter is turned on, any additions to the player
playlist (using play or add) have to pass the year test. Any tracks
outside the limiting range don't make it to the playlist. I could add
multiple genres to the playlist but if I was in the mood for music from the
late 1970's, I would only hear that. True, I might be able to do the same
by creating jillions of genres, but that is so messy. This would be much
cleaner and easier to use.

Any support out there for this idea? Any Perl coders willing to volunteer?
Come on now, I know some of you out there can probably do this while