View Full Version : Problems with special characters in file-/songnames

2004-08-31, 10:06

> Since double-quotes like in < Proud To Fall [3"] > are part of the
> string, the slim server doesn't play the song while iTunes does.

I too have some songs and albums with double quotes in their name, but I
can't reproduce your problems. All songs play fine on my Squeezebox.

And now I can see, why: apparently iTunes (which I let organize my music
files) automatically substitutes all "problematic" characters with an
underscore, as Windows would have problems with these. I presume the Mac
is much more "pflegeleicht" in this respect ... Anyway, just try and
have a look at your iTunes settings, maybe you don't have this "Keep
iTunes music folder organized" option checked after all.

(Squeezebox wireless, SlimServer 5.2.1 and iTunes 4.6 on Windows XP SP2)