View Full Version : Audio drop-outs

Ben Cook
2004-08-31, 07:36
Hello - I bought my first SB last week and am very impressed, though can't
find an answer within the newsgroup for the following:

I'm running the SB on WiFi with FLAC with a relatively low power server (CPU
is Via C3 466MHz, 768MB RAM). All runs fine when playing music (although
even this was impossible without the nightly release of SlimServer and
firmware v33) and the CPU hovers at around 30% which seems reasonable.

However, if I use the web interface to "Browse Artwork", I get a drop-out or
two, even though I've only 15 albums covers so far. I also get drop-outs
occasionally when I user the web-interface for less network intensive stuff.
The server CPU doesn't hit 100%, so I'm guessing the network must be the
bottleneck. So...

1) SB side FLAC transcoding may sort this, but may not happen.
2) Wired connection would probably sort this, but is not feasible.
3) Upgrade to 802.11g? I haven't seen any posts regarding this so assume
it's not possible without buying a separate bridge. Are there any plans for
an internal upgrade to G? Most wireless equipment seems to use it these

Any other ideas?