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Tore Johnsson
2004-08-31, 06:53
I like to complete the picture of the problem

1. SB is wired

2. Shoutcast is running without problem

Therefore it should not be the connection between the computer/server and
the SB that should cause it.

I must be something happening when SB is calling for Slimserver to change

Or could it be that SB isn´t ok?

Kind Regards



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Ämne: [slim] Slimserver stops and starts by itself

I´ve got problem with the Slimserver who shut off itself and restarts after
2-3 minutes.

To clarify: I have been running Slimserver 5.2.1 since 2 weeks in the same
way as now without problem

Today I started SB with Slimserver running. Press play in Browse genres-jazz
and shuffle (and without shuffle) and when the tune is ended and supposed to
change to next tune, SB give a message “Lost connection to the server….” and
SB shut off.

After 2-3 minutes it starts in the same position as before and plays next
tune after which SB shows message and shut off. This happen repeatedly.

I have Winamp and Itunes in Plugins if this could be the reason.

Please advise how to solve this problem.

Kind Regards