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2010-09-22, 11:32
Help! Lost and confused!

Over the past 5 years, I have been subscribed to XM Radio Online, using the various incarnations of the XM Radio Plugin by Neil Potter, as discussed here:


The plugin, and my login to XM Radio Online, are working fine. But I got an email saying that I would have to move over to Sirius:

"As of August 19, 2010, your account will move to the SIRIUS Premium Internet Radio platform. You must now sign on at sirius.com. This change will not affect the programming you currently enjoy.

Go to www.sirius.com and click on the media player link at the top of the page. Sign in with your current username (letters and numbers only). Follow the "forgot password" directions to generate a new password.

Ex. Old username "John.Smith@yahoo.com" becomes 'johnsmithyahoocom'"

But when I try to login at the Sirius web site, they've never heard of me. I can't enter my email/userid from XMRO, even without the symbols (schallenbergjeffgmailcom) - it's too long to enter into the form.

I called the Sirius (Canada) Customer Services line, but she didn't know anything about an online service.

How can I migrate my XM service to Sirius without losing my subscription and my programming?

And as a corollary, how can I install the Sirius plugin? It is enabled in the plugins page of SBS web interface, but it doesn't show up in the Apps Gallery (possibly because I'm in Canada, eh?).

- Jeff

2010-09-24, 04:16
You'll need to use the (not so) sirius plugin instead. I just signed up in canada and have been enjoying the XM/sirius stations on my SB3 with this plugin.