View Full Version : UK Graphic Display Upgrade Special/Service

Kevin Hawkins
2004-08-31, 06:10
I bought some early Graphic Displays as a 'favour/group' purchase
but unfortunately 2 of the original buyers have since backed out due to a
delay we experienced. So I now have a couple of graphic display upgrades
left over. If anyone would like one of these please drop me a line offlist -
these work out lower cost than the UK available items.

Also if anyone would like their Squeezebox upgraded I will do this
for them for 'free' ie at the price of the standard UK DIY upgrade (69 +
shipping) - just send me your Squeezebox and I'll send it back upgraded by
immediate return post. May help someone who is a little nervous about doing
it themselves - again contact me offlist.

Once these couple of displays have gone I wont be bringing in any
more as the UK price is fairly reasonable.