View Full Version : Another Artwork fault

2010-09-20, 12:09
Hi am running the latest squeezebox server software on a Windows Home Server, connected to a touch running the latest official firmware.

All my music is in apple lossless format, with the artwork embedded by either itunes or the "icoverart" programme.

Several of the albums just won't display the correct artwork, they seem to default to the very first piece of artwork under the very first artist (numerically speaking)

When you look at the music files on a pc, all the artwork is displaying correctly.

I have deleted the local itunes cache, as well as the cache on the squeezebox, ran cleanup and rescaned the entire library several times, to no avail.

Any ideas?

2010-09-22, 15:56

AS per other threads on subject album artist field needed filling in & where the album is only 1 disc that field need's to be blank.

Thought i'd update this for anyone with similar problems.