View Full Version : delay before sending digital out

Phillip Kerman
2004-08-30, 16:54
> > Well, I tested this and it's definitely something that was
> introduced in
> > 5.3. That is, when I go back to 5.2.x then start, stop,
> jump around... my
> > receiver stays locked. It doesn't take a few seconds to
> figure out the
> > digital signal (as it does when a new source is coming in).
> >
> > So... is there a fix? I haven't tried the nightlies because
> I'm 5.3 is
> > already a bit flakey.
> >
> > Anyone else experience this?
> This does sound similar to some other users' problems with
> DAC's reporting odd
> locking/non-locking conditions. I believe Sean said he had a
> possible culprit
> found and was working on a fix.
> -kdf

Thanks. Good news. I'm glad it's not my receiver (it works with slimserver
5.2.x after all). It drives me nuts though.

Is there a place where the list of bug fixes in each build are archived?