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2010-09-15, 22:38
I have had atouch for a while and find it to be a pia, not meant for novice users.

Had trouble w/ wireless connection, ran a ethernet cable from my router to
the Touch, have a laptop w/ external HD wireless conneted to router.

Past wek or so when I open the SB server and try to click on advanced tab
to set settings on the server touch it reads


application not found"

click ok then say's some slim:gui:control panel error

also on mysb.com it says my player is not connected even though
I can access internet radio and my music files

2010-09-15, 23:09

2010-09-15, 23:28
Jim - do you know whether a bug has been filed for this? I need to investigate it.



2010-09-16, 00:44
see also


Might only be for IE8 ?

2010-09-17, 03:58
also on mysb.com it says my player is not connected even though
I can access internet radio and my music files

This is correct behavior. Your Touch is connected to your local SBS server on your computer, it is not connected to the MySB online server.
Stop SBS server on your computer, navigate Touch to Internet Radio, a switch to MySB will be offered.
After selecting to switch, now go to your MySB account UI, your Touch will now correctly show that it is connected to MySB.

You can add "switch to MySB" to your Home Menu on Touch if you wish to switch to MySB without having to first disconnect from SBS on your computer.

2010-09-17, 09:21

Yes I got that part working by reinstalling SB servor on my laptop.

Still can not access advanced settings to change plug in's etc.

Called Logitech they could not help me. they thought it is a third
party problem because of servor log saying

"can not connect to port 1002"

I reset my Linsys router to factory settings also, that did not work.

here is a copy of servor log entry, if anyone can help let me know

[10-09-16 12:21:58.7831] Slim::Plugin::MusicMagic::Plugin::initPlugin (265) Can't connect to port 10002 - MusicIP disabled.
[10-09-16 12:22:00.2535] main::checkDataSource (974) Warning: Schema updated or no tracks in the database, initiating scan.
[10-09-16 13:27:28.0131]