View Full Version : Synchronization between SBS and mysqueezebox.com

2010-09-14, 11:01
Is there any information on what is synchronized and how? So I have enabled the "enabled, keep player settings in synch" tab in server settings.

I'd like to think I can use mysqueezebox.com to always "back up" both my player settings as well as my favorites.

However, what I notice is that the player settings are different on both sides. The player settings for one are different. Some settings are missing altogether: for example, mysq.com doesn't know a boom can have a subwoo connected to the line out in Audio settings. Some are simply different on either side.

And the favorites are totally different.

I'd like to advocate that (a) the settings and favorites are implemented consistently on either side, and that (b) a backup and restore function is implemented in mysq.com, it'd be very cool to be able to store my config "in the cloud".