View Full Version : Squeezebox player app available in BETA for the Palm Pre (webOS)

2010-09-14, 00:31
Squeeze Control Player is available in the BETA app catalog.

It's a software Squeezebox player for the Palm Pre/Pre+. It's meant to be a companion to Squeeze Control, so there are no playback controls. Use your Squeezebox Server's web interface or Squeeze Control on a second phone (the reason for this is below).

This is a very early build of this app and there are a lot of limitations.

- Currently this only works with a local Squeezebox Server.
- Only supports FLAC, ogg, and PCM music streams. You server should automatically convert all other formats except mp3.
- Only supports playing music files. It won't play any internet streams; radio, Rhapsody, Pandora, etc.
- Music will pause when the app is in the background, hence the need for controlling it from another device. This may actually be a limitation of the webOS PDK.
- Cannot synchronize with other players.
- May not be completely stable. While it's been pretty stable in my testing, I can't guarantee that you'll have to same experience.

The newest version added greater than 16bit FLAC and PCM stream. (converts them to 16bit)

Conversion to 16 bit is currently done by simple truncation. It's not the best way of doing it, but it should be ok for the audio hardware of a phone.

This version should pretty much handle any format that a Squeezebox server can play expect for mp3. The server basically transcodes everything to FLAC @ 44.1khz. I've tested playing a 96/24 FLAC file and it works fine.

2010-09-14, 02:04
Opps. Forgot to post the link, here it is: