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Ken Hokugo
2004-08-30, 10:30
ISO-bar is a cheap solution for isolation of AC and to reduce noise
interference while its sales point is surge suppression. It is true that
sound difference is very subjective.

Here is a bit more expensive one. Haven't tried it myself, but someone said
this is "poorman's Shunyata". Again, the effect is subjective.


I totally agree that power supply upgrade is the shortest path for the
"better" sound. I am anxious to see PS upgrade on/in SB, internal or
external. Has someone "tweaked" inside parts?


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Subject: [slim] isolation/clean AC
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 12:17:43 -0400

Phillip Kerman wrote:

>In the Wired or Wireless thread a while back Ken concluded that the SB
>worked as good as a good CD transport when it was plugged into a iso-bar
>isolation powerstrip. I'm not exactly what this is.

The isobar is just a line of surge suppressors from the TrippLite
corporation. AFAIKT, they are just passive surge suppression devices of
typical design with relatively high quality of construction. Not sold for


I use a Brickwall surge suppressor. They are of a different internal design
and do offer some filtering.


Clean power and power supply upgrades are popular DAC upgrades in the
audiophile community. There is no doubt a lot of hype and even blatant
snake oil, but there are also a lot of people who purport to hear
differences. From what I understand about the D/A conversion process, it
makes sense that rock steady voltages and deep current reserves could make a
real difference in the fidelity of the resulting analog signal.

I think a reasonable audiophile SB tweak to try would be an upgraded power
supply. Something with tight voltage tolerances and overrated current
capabilities. Maybe Sean could provide some guidance on how the stock unit
was spec'd and what we should look for when trialing uprated units. If good
results are found, could be a product opportunity for SlimDevices.


Michel Fombellida
2004-08-30, 11:24
I'll soon (this week or next week) get an external linear power supply (it will
power the SB and another device). The technician building this PS for me will
also look at the possibility to add a word clock input on the SB, it told me
that it is doable but not easy, he will need some more time.