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Phillip Kerman
2004-08-30, 07:06
I have a couple issues:

--when playing back apple lossless, does it get compressed first if I have
set the "bitrate limiting"? Seems to dropout the same as my FLACs with no
limit (see below).

--what settings can I tune in order to make FLACs arrive at the SB without
compression. That is, I want to use "no limit" but I keep getting drop
outs. The SB is wireless but within 30' of the wireless access point. I'm
getting signal strength around 80%.


Steve Baumgarten
2004-09-02, 06:14
> Though I started this thread, I've come to the conclusion that I can't do
> FLAC uncompressed on my wireless network. [...]

People should note the player type and server/firmware versions when
posting about uncompressed (e.g., FLAC->WAV) streaming over wireless

My experience is that with a reasonable PC (i.e., plenty of memory,
running XP, but only a 1.9Ghz box) I had no problems doing FLAC->WAV
streaming even with a WDS repeater in the middle (i.e., my Squeezebox has
a 40% signal talking to a standalone WDS repeater in my kitchen, which
itself talks to the main router/AP in my office, where the PC and cable
modem are).

However, this was before I did the SqueezeboxG upgrade.

Having done that, and upgrading the firmware to version 33, suddenly I
started seeing frequent dropouts on FLAC->WAV streams -- enough so that I
had to turn on bitrate limiting and stream 320kbs MP3s instead. (And yes,
you certainly can hear the difference.)

However, I'm looking forward to upgrading to firmware 34 and the latest
nightly which (I think) have some tweaks for this problem. Hopefully I'll
get to do that by the end of the week, and I'll report back if things are
back to the former smooth, uninterrupted FLAC->WAV streaming experience.
(The perils of being an early adopter, but I couldn't resist when the
display upgrade was announced.)

Anyway, my point is that without details like what server version and
firmware revision you're running (and even whether it's a Squeezebox or a
SqueezeboxG), it's hard to judge what some possible problems could be.

In general, though, 802.11b has plenty of bandwidth for FLAC->WAV, and the
Squeezebox certainly can keep up with it. Mine did in the past, and I
certainly expect it to once again in the near future once all the software
settles down a bit.