View Full Version : Feature request: Removing duplicates from playlists

James Dunn
2004-08-30, 06:20

Would it be possible to have an option that allows duplicate entries to be
removed from playlists?

i.e. if you decide to play all tracks by one artist (or genre), duplicate
tracks are removed. I'd have thought that duplicates would be identified
when both the artist and track name is the same on two or more tracks.

I'm not sure if this could be done with the current database but as I read
that work is being done to implement an SQL database, this would become
easier to implement. I can see how you might do a DISTINCT select and use
the resulting table to pick single entries from the database to build a
table of unique tracks. This sounds rather slow to me if the data set is
large but I'm not sure if there is a simple quick algorithm to achieve the
desired result.

If there is any interest, I'll put in a feature request.