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Richard Scales
2004-08-29, 22:56
Hello, I now have 2 x Slimp3 and 1 x SB Wireless on a LAN and have been
using SlimServer since 3.x, I am currently using 5.2.1.

My music library is split over 2 x 120GB disks on a Win2K box with 1GB RAM
and 2 x PIII-733.

There about 900-1000 albums on each disk and my problems are as follows:

1) I can point Slimserver to one disk or the other and it would
(until recently - See 2) scan and serve the entire disk without problems. If
I placed a shortcut in either disk to the other disk, at some point during
scanning - or within 24 hours of re-starting - the server would crash.

In remember that in earlier releases, I could stop the service and run as an
application with a -dinfo option that would list all entries whilst scanning
so that I could identify the 'problem' MP3 data but this no longer seems to
work - I will have to look at and understand the logging options in the
server software and try that route.

I have also tried making a dummy folder which simply contains shortcuts to
the folders on each drive (each drive has all the music data in a folder
rather than the root of the drive, it is this folder which is pointed to by
the shortcuts). This however produces the same results. I can use either one
of the folders but not both!

I routinely 'Wipe Cache' and hence re-scan but it makes no difference so
currently I have 50% of my library available.

This all used to work in V3.x Slimserver and my library has not really
changed that much in size. I guess I am really holding out for a newer
release of Slimserver - which in turn suggests that I believe it to be a
'bug' related issue but I am open to - and very much welcome any suggestions
that the community might have!

2) I used to use Moosic Organiser to update my MP3 Tags but after
following various discussions I tried Tag and Rename and found it to be a
lot easier and quicker to use. So with my library split into 2 I decided
that I would process my library in small chunks every time a had a moment
(which is not too often!). At the end of each session I performed a 'wipe
cache' in Slimserver and after a while was pleased to see that the number of
artists in Slimserver rose accordingly (much of the data was un tagged).
This was good!

After a while I noticed however that the number of Albums was reducing,
further testing showed that albums which were listed previously were no
longer being listed. I can however find these if I browse music folders so
they are clearly still there but not listed in the database as being albums
? Interestingly - the few tests I have performed reveal that the 'missing'
albums are not ones which have been 'tagged and renamed' but are ones that
have always been there (and are already properly tagged)

Again, I have wiped cache and hence re-scanned the library so many times
that I am sure the button is showing signs of wear! The only other option
that I can think of is removing SlimServer completely, deleting all
associated folders and re-installing! Is there anything that I might try
before resorting to this?

3) This is a Shoutcast related issue. It does work but if I get
excited and show it off to friends who like to grab the remote and 'surf'
the available shoutcast stations, after half a dozen or so selections,
contact is lost with the SlimServer. On earlier versions I sometimes got
dropouts of maybe up to a minute or so but I find that re-starting
Slimserver (usually by re-booting the server PC) is the most reliable method
of recovery. Again, is there something else I could look at or is that how
it is?

I do not have the graphics upgrade (well I do have it sat in a tube on the
desk but am waiting for things on the forum to calm down before I install
it!) I do not have ITunes or use anything other than MP3. I guess I should
perform more testing on the Slimp3's with regard to the Shoutcast issue just
in case it is wireless related but I have 65% signal and the only other
wireless device (A PC with 45% signal) works just fine all of the time.

So, if anyone can point me in the right direction - that would be great, if
anyone can recommend a particular nightly - that would be grate too! I read
here that a new database engine is being worked on - that might help too!

Many thanks in advance.

Richard Scales

richard (AT) scalesweb (DOT) co.uk