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Archie Goodwin
2010-09-06, 19:46
With the release of OAuth for all Twitter API software, it now means I can no longer retrieve my Twitter friends feed via RSS. In addition, the RSS feed button on my Twitter page now won't do anything (so you may want to remove it), stating that it won't accept basic authentication anymore.

What I would really like to see is a proper Twitter plugin that allows me to access my Friends Feed through my Squeezebox. I think Twitter has grown large enough that Logitech might want to consider making this available, in addition to the Facebook plugin currently available. Frankly, I know more people who are now using Twitter to get updates, news, information etc. than are using Facebook, simply because of the simplicity of the application. Twitter seems more "adult-focused."

Anyhow, if there's an ambitious developer out there that wants to tackle this, I think you would have a winner on your hands - especially if it could show the feed as a Screen Saver when music is playing, or even when there is nothing else happening with the player.

Just my two-cents worth...anyone else feel the same way?

Thanks for listening...


2010-09-07, 00:37
Something I'd do once I'd figure how to do applets\plugins\etc:

I'd love to see a general social network/pop-up plugin. But I don't want to use it to browse these social networks. I want it to simply do pop-ups as and when things occur. These pop-ups should pop over the current activity which may be the off screenssaver, now playing screen or whatever.

I feel that this alert much better fits with the idea of a touch or sb3. It happens to be a convenient screen near where I'm sitting or listening to music which can be used to remind me of interesting things etc. If I want to browse these things I go to a PC with a nice big screen.

E.g. I might be listening to music on the touch, and it will pop up with tweets of my friends every now and then, and also facebook news feed items. This should pop up photos etc on the touch but only text items on the old players.

The screensaver model doesn't really work here. I only want to see these things when there is something new.

It could also pop-up calendar reminders from on line calendars, emails, etc.

And also RSS.

Each service added to the plugin should have settings which allow one to decide for that service:
- when to pop-up (only when player is off, only when player is on etc.)
- how long
- audible notification (at least on touch)
- repeat older ones
- minimum time between alerts

Archie Goodwin
2010-09-07, 06:13
Agree with your idea of a general social media plugin, but not sure how practical that will be given the different authentication rules that the different providers have.

Still, the updates idea is perfect, instead of a screen saver - or simply have the option to still do a screen saver with most recent updates if you like. Here in North America, we only have the Squeezebox Radio, Squeezebox Controller, Squeezebox Duet, and Squeezebox Boom (and I can't even get the Duet, with the full audio controller, here in Canada...grrrr...)

Love the Calendar idea...and while we're at it, what about emails? Just the subject line, but what about also displaying that feed? Perhaps that can be done via RSS right now, but not sure...


2010-09-07, 10:08
There is a Mail plugin (beta version) in my testing repository, it will make mail indications and subject lines available as:

- New mail indication:
--> NEWMAIL title format
--> Custom Clock "plugintext" item "mailindication" (requires Custom Clock Helper Plugin)

- New unread mail subjects:
--> Custom Clock "plugintext" item "mail" (requires Custom Clock Helper plugin)
--> SuperDateTime misc item

SuperDateTime plugin is integrated with Custom Clock applet so you can design your own screen saver screen with pretty much any information that Super Date Time supports.

Custom Clock is an applet that is installed on the Touch and Custom Clock Helper is a plugin which you install in SBS.

Unfortunately, the documentation how to configure things is a bit brief at the moment but if you give it a try and doesn't succeed, just ask questions. There is some information here:

If you succeed to configure it and is willing to write down a HowTo, create a page on the wiki and link to it from the Custom Clock wiki page. Something similar to what I once did to describe how to do things with the Custom Scan plugin: