View Full Version : Mediafly questions (problems?)

2010-09-03, 17:59
This may be something related to ignorance on my part...or it may be some kind of known issue, but it's starting to drive me crazy.

I use the SB Radio in my bedroom to listen to Podcasts (among other things). I've been searching for some kind of Podcast organizer since I bought the Radio and so far, Mediafly seems to be the best since it is explicitly supports SB devices. I've still not mastered the user-interface on Mediafly's website, but that is most probably due to lack of time to play with it. So I've been mostly using the "Popular Channels" on the SBR and most specifically the "Technology" channel where there are lots of 'casts that I find interesting. This brings me to my point: the behavior of this channel is exasperatingly flaky. It seems to very often get "stuck" in some mode where an attempt, say, to fast-forward through a podcast results in the device skipping to the next show in the lineup. Once it does this, it is IMPOSSIBLE, well, not really, but it's very difficult to get it to go back to the interrupted podcast. Going "back" and choosing the previous show, results in...nada. Just keeps playing whatever it's playing. Shutting the SBR off and letting it reboot, just puts it right back in the (wrong) same place. The only way around this is to somehow go to an entirely different place in the cue and starting another podcast. This seems to knock it off the channel it's stuck on and there's a CHANCE that you can now navigate to channel you want.

This CAN'T be the way it's supposed to work, and at times it seems to work just fine for some period of time, only to exhibit this annoying behavior again.

Is it me? Or is there an issue here?