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Tore Johnsson
2004-08-29, 10:27
I´m sorry but I can´t find where the plugins are and especially
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Tore Johnsson wrote:

> To Dean and Jim
> Ref. [slim] How to get Live365 in SB,
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[jim1128-Wuw85uim5zDR7s880joybQ (AT) public (DOT) gmane.org]
> I am looking forward to you Live365 support which I assume would look like
> Shoutcast.
> Is there any more plugin for SB?
> Meanwhile I am searching for radiostations like Live365 and found for ex
> this site
> http://www.live365.com/downloads/
> where it is possible to download a program to run 365.
> My question is – has anyone done this? Would I get this 365 in my SB?
> If I should download it, should I put in slimserver\server\bin directory
> make it function and should it get my the same as Shoutcast?

You won't need to install any additional software with the Live365
plugin. Live365 sends MP3 (and MP3Pro) streams that are essentially
native to the Squeezebox.