View Full Version : SB3 no longer connects

2010-09-01, 15:15
[Never mind. Apparently the brightness was all the way down.]

I have two Squeezebox 3's. I've had a silver one for three years and bought a black one recently. Both have been working well.

The new one no longer connects to the server or mysqueezebox. I've done a factory reset and a hard reset without any luck.

I can go through the setup menus until Select a music source. Regardless of whether I choose mysqueezebox.com or the squeezebox server, when I then press the right arrow, the screen goes black and that's it.

It can't be the modem, router, or server because the other Squeezebox works fine. But just to be sure, I've reset them all. The old one connects and the new one doesn't (but it used to).

Any ideas?